Online Energy Audit Program

The Efficiency United programs are pleased to offer Energy Depot®, a new set of online tools and resources to help you better understand and manage your home energy use and costs. Energy Depot is your free, one-stop resource for energy information. Please read through the following information and then select your utility from the links below.

Full Profile Including Energy Savings Kit

Quick Audit (Level I) (Includes Energy Savings Kit)

  • Answer eight quick questions with basic information about your home and HVAC systems.
  • Learn things you can do to reduce energy use and save money.
  • Receive an energy savings kit containing CFL bulbs, faucet aerators, and a high-efficiency shower head (if you have electric service and an electric water heater) or CFL bulbs and LED night lights (if you have electric service and a gas water heater), or faucet aerators, pipe wrap, weather stripping, and a high-efficiency shower head (if you have gas service and a gas water heater).
  • Then, continue on to…

Quick Audit (Level II)

  • Provide additional details about your home energy usage.
  • Receive a more detailed energy profile based on your answers.
  • View charts and graphs that demonstrate your energy use and potential savings.
  • And for best results, continue and complete…

Comprehensive Audit (Level III)

  • Complete a comprehensive do-it-yourself home energy audit and receive a tailored report online.
  • Quickly estimate the annual energy use and cost of home energy systems and appliances with the energy calculator.
  • Compare your existing heating and cooling system, including your water heater, to a range of new systems; or compare new systems to each other. Then determine how soon your new system will pay for itself.
  • Use the energy library to answer your energy questions.

Please have a recent copy of your utility bill available when completing the Online Energy Audit for account and usage information

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